10 Graphic Design Tips With Text That Catch Their Attention

10 Graphic Design Tips With Text That Catch Their Attention

Creating attractive, even eye-catching graphics and images for your visual content is much easier than most folks think; it's just important to remember a few smart graphic design tips to make your text ...
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Avoid Content Creation Digital Marketing Mistakes

My Brilliant Morning Idea I had this brilliant idea recently over my morning cup of java; at least at the time it seemed brilliant but my excuse now is that I hadn't yet ...
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how to rename an inkscape pattern

Rename Your Inkscape Pattern Name

This is a super quick update on my last article " Pattern Creator Tutorial With Inkscape Patterns".  One downside of Inkscape Patterns is that when a pattern is created it randomly names the ...
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Pattern Creator Tutorial - Inkscape Patterns

Pattern Creator Tutorial – Inkscape Patterns

If you're looking for a pattern creator software then look no further than Inkscape.  Inkscape is one of the best free pattern making software options that lets you create repeating patterns from tiled ...
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Use And Create 60 Custom Inkscape Swatches – Inkscape Color Palettes

Whether building a blog, creating a design or making a social media image, deciding on a color palette is an important choice during the process.  While I've provided a printable on 30 popular ...
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8 ways to sell your GIMP Designs

8 ways to sell your GIMP Designs

GIMP is simply the best free online photo editor available, but let's face it, GIMP doesn't make vector graphic art or SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) like Inkscape. Still, there are GIMP features that ...
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gimp fonts, add fonts to gimp

Add Fonts To GIMP Tutorial

Whether you're using GIMP to design graphics for a project or using it to create logos, having a lot of font choices in GIMP is essential for creating designs.  Plus, it's super easy ...
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8 Categories of Inkscape Designs In Demand You Can Sell

Inkscape is one of my favorite editors.   Besides being free it makes amazing vector graphic art for all kinds of purposes.  Many designers, DIY'rs and crafters love Inkscape for their personal projects in ...
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5 GIMP Useful Features You Should Know How To Use If You Create Content Online

You have a favorite image editor already. If it's one of those online ones, still read this article and find out what you're missing.  Hey, I've learned from personal experience that creating visual ...
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How To Fix Your RSS Feed Error – “Syntax error: line 1, column 0”

While I don't normally blog about stuff like this;  I was kinda stumped when I had the issue and once I figured it out I thought to write a quick article for other ...
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Photo Editors For Mac

As a Mac user, I find a lot of Windows articles on how to edit images, fix photos, remove backgrounds etc. While many programs are OS neutral, it’s always good to find programs ...
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special text effects

Inkscape Filter Effects – Create Inkscape Effects With The Filter Editor

Using Inkscape filters with text creates a cool variety of special effects. Applying filter effects with the filter editor is easy once the basic filter parameters are set. Many default filter settings use ...
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3 Free Curved Text Tools - Inkscape vs GIMP vs PicMonkey

3 Free Curved Text Tools – Inkscape vs GIMP vs PicMonkey

A lot of DIY'ers want to create curved text for images and graphics without spending either a ridiculously amount of time or money. Since not every online editor can create curved text I ...
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How to remove a white background from a logo or image with Inkscape

Depending on the logo file format there are 2 ways to remove the white background of a logo using Inkscape. If the logo was created as an SVG file it’s simply setting the ...
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How To Remove Backgrounds Using GIMP

Wondering how to remove a background? GIMP is a free background remover with multiple ways for GIMP to erase backgrounds. Removing the background from an image with GIMP is very straightforward. While removing ...
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Modifying free vectors graphics for Canva

Modifying free vectors graphics for Canva

While Canva offers free graphics and some images you may not always find what you need. That’s where searching thru online free vector graphics may offer you images that are perfect for use ...
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Editing Free Vector Graphics For Your Digital And Print Needs

Editing Free Vector Graphics For Your Digital And Print Needs

Vector graphics are essential for web and print. They can be used as an icon for services widget, an illustration for a sales page funnel, a graphic for a sidebar, footer or header ...
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5 Online Editing Software Features You Need To Know About

Online image editing for photo enhancing, picture retouching, photo recoloring and image merging is easy with the right free photo editor or photo vector software ...
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Best Email Deliverability- Why I like Active Campaign

Looking for the best email marketing platform with online support? I found a great email provider that is rated as one of the best for email deliverability and real online customer support ...
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Content Creation Business Growth Strategies

You've got the website. Check. Now you need traffic. Social media content creation strategies will help you get traffic. Here are 7 content creation business growth strategies to focus on. 1. Content is ...
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Create Blog Graphics In 7 Easy Steps

Create any blog graphics using this 7 step process ...
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Adding Inkscape Fonts- 3 Easy Steps For Mac Or Windows

Let's face it; the default Inkscape install probably doesn't have all the font combinations you want to use. Adding additional Inkscape fonts is easy to do, especially on Mac or Windows. Finding fonts ...
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Social Media Visual Content Management- Why I Don’t Cross-post

Built the blog. Check.Got the social media account. Check.Posted on social media. Check.Silence. Crickets... (Listening to pins dropping).It's every blogger and online entrepreneur's struggle. How the heck to connect with their audience and ...
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Content Creation To Grow Your Business

Content Creation To Grow Your Business

As I continue to research and blog about the best editing tips and content creation techniques I've wondered whether this knowledge would be of interest to others via a condensed course. In particular, ...
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The Ultimate Guide To Creating Visual Content for Social Media

There's a lot of hype about driving Social Media traffic to your site with good content. The goal is to provide content that brings real value or solves a real issue for your ...
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Adding A GIMP Pattern

Add a gimp pattern to use with filters and special effects. GIMP comes with default patterns but you can easily make your own and then use for all kinds of special effects. Add ...
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5 minute gimp logo

5 Minute Logo Using Inkscape

Create your logo for free in 5 minutes using Inkscape ...
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Reset Default Inkscape Settings – 3 Steps

Inkscape is one of the best free open source editors to use for creating, editing and photoshopping amazing visual content. But it can be challenging to learn the nuances of this wonderful editor ...
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Install Inkscape Dark Theme For Mac Easily

Easily switch the Inkscape theme on Mac OS.  The 0.92 version of Inkscape on Mac, it actually comes with several choices of theme.  The theme file called gktrc is located for each version.  It's ...
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Pinterest Marketing Strategy Using Multiple Pins

You don't have to be a social media expert to have a good Pinterest strategy. It's a no-brainer that I create a pin on Pinterest for every blog post, but it's more than ...
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The Best Font For Websites Are Complementary Font Combinations

Find The Best Font For Websites You want to build your blog with good looking fonts.  That's actually more important than you might realize.  And many people underestimate the influence of their selection ...
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Word Circles – Curved Text Around Circles

Text special effects make nice graphics into attractive graphics. Creating curved text in logos or social media images is super easy with Picmonkey. Curved text can be used as circle text or just ...
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Install Inkscape Online On MacBook

I use a variety of graphics editors, some online and some downloadable.  If you consistently read my blog you'll soon find out about my favorites. I use multiple editors the same way I ...
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Errorless Install GIMP On Mac OS High Sierra

Wanting to use GIMP on my Mac proved to be a challenge, not in a way I planned. I'd gone to GIMP’s website to download both the 2.8 and 2.10 pre-compiled dmg files ...
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5 Minute Logos With GIMP

Easy peasy 5 minute GIMP logo ...
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Convert Vector Files To PNG JPG With GIMP

Easilyy convert adobe files with GIMP ...
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Ten Blog Graphics You Need To Have

It can be a bit of a challenge for a new blogger to find, make or create those initial graphics needed to build a professional looking blog.  Because when you first start you ...
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Converting Svg to Png File Using Inkscape

It can be frustrating to find a really great image or graphic and then realize it's not in a format useable by your favorite editor. Most available images are jpg, png or in ...
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Logo Design Using 5 Picmonkey Features

Affordable Logo Design Not a week goes by without seeing requests for creating a logo.  Some look for logo design templates as a starting point; others search for logo designing software or an ...
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free canva templates

7 Free Canva Templates You Might Find Useful

There's no doubt about how useful Canva is. Many Canva articles describe how to use Canva for Social Media or logos.  But before you skip this article, there's a lot more to Canva ...
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Take Advantage Of 2019 Design Trends – Cool Color Combinations

I love color.  You see I use a lot of bright color in my featured images because color is my thing.  Now I did build beautiful black and white website;  I thought it ...
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Take Advantage Of Pixlr Editor – Read These 5 Tips

Online editing has come a long way. It use to be just a crop, resize and format affair; now editing graphics is almost as good as with purchased software or subscription services. Notice ...
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Creating Grid Layouts With Content View Pro

When I first started blogging I struggled a bit finding a gallery and grid Wordpress plugin that I liked, found easy to use and worked with images, posts, galleries, and even affiliate thumbnails ...
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Best WordPress Image Gallery Plugin

Photos and images are key components in visual content marketing.  Images help break up the monotony of textual content, keep the reader engaged by reinforcing the written text.  Despite the fact that Wordpress ...
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Why GIMP Is A Great Tool For Digital Scrapbooking

Digital scrapbooking continues to change  and evolve; it's fun and with all the online resources digital scrapbooking is free if you know where to go.  Online and downloadable editing software makes digital scrapbooking ...
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Are Online Editors Better For Digital Scrapbooking Than Downloadable Software

Digital scrapbooking continues to evolve.  Now online and downloadable editing software makes digital scrapbooking easier than ever to create really unique digital scrapbook items. With an estimated 62.5 million crafters in the US, ...
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best online photo image editors

Photo Editors – Best Online Visual Content Editors

Photo editors use to be downloadable software with occasional subscription updates.  While online image editors haven't replaced downloadable software, they do provide some very useful features and are easy to use regardless of ...
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Canva Photo Effects – How To Tint A Photo Easily With Filters

Creating unique visual content is easy even if you start with graphic images, illustrations from free online resources.   Online resources provide many kinds of useful graphics: images, icons, illustrations and vectors.   But that free ...
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Using GIMP- Why GIMP Is A Photoshop Alternative

Why GIMP is a Photoshop alternative ...
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What Is Visual Content – How it can help you

Most bloggers are thrilled to have viral visual content generating traffic to their blog. If you don’t have that or aren't quite sure what it is, then you should be working hard to ...
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text photo overlays

5 Ways To Use Text And Graphic Overlays

Making stunning graphics for a website, blog or social media need is much easier with all the online resources available. One really good method of making professional looking graphics is to incorporate either ...
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Start A Blog – Gain Personal Freedom

Do you want to start a blog and gain personal freedom?  Looking for a career change or maybe just a better financial situation? Do you have a blog? If you do, that's fantastic ...
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Create Social Media Graphics With Canva Using 5 Simple Techniques

Canva is an easy to use online graphic editor.  It's easy to create social media graphics with Canva using 5 simple techniques because Canva provides templates for social media graphics.  Templates make it ...
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How To Use Canva – Design Your Own Graphics The Easy DIY Way

When it comes to digital marketing, image creation and editing are neccessities.  That's why learning how to use canva makes a difference for social media marketing, business logos, blog article and sales images ...
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cyberchimp review- good responsive theme

Responsive WordPress Themes Part 3- CyberChimp Theme Review- Easiest Responsive Theme For Beginners

In a recent article “3 Customizable Wordpress Themes - Easy WP Web Design For Beginners” I covered 3 of my “go-to” Wordpress Themes.  I refer to them as "go to", because they work well ...
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wordpress theme reivew- studiopress-genesis

Good Responsive WordPress Themes Part 1- Genesis Themes Popularity

Genesis Themes- One of the most popular around. In a recent article “3 Customizable Wordpress Themes - Easy WP Web Design For Beginners” I covered 3 of my “go-to” Wordpress Themes.  I refer ...
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Good Responsive WordPress Themes Part 2- 5 Awesome Reasons To Love The GeneratePress WP Theme

Here's is one of the easiest themes for beginners and non-coders alike.  In fact, it's my theme of choice because of the flexibility built-in. While getting good responsive Wordpress themes seems easy, there’s ...
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3 Customizable WordPress Themes – Easy WP Web Design For Beginners

Because starting a blog should be fun. Starting a blog and building your website requires new skills.  Many bloggers don't have a web developer or programmer background and most have no desire to ...
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How Much Should A Website Cost – Website Maintenance Cost

When planning for a blog or website it's smart toto know how much should a website cost so you don't break your budget. You may wonder why I bother with this topic because ...
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WordPress CMS Explained In Less Than 5 Minutes – WP Nirvana

With Wordpress you can build an amazing site which is why so many websites and blog use it. Wordpress is a CMS and the first step is to understand what "content management system" ...
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Creative Blog Name Ideas – Picking a domain name

You need a catchy blog name for your site. Something creative that will be easy to remember.  But it's harder to get good domain names these days because a lot of good ones ...
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fastest hosting - best wordpress hosting

Fastest WordPress Hosting – Finding a provider for your blog

Many purchase their blog name (a.k.a domain name) from their web host provider when they sign up.  So if you don't have a hosting provider, you will need one for your website or ...
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List of Niches – Niche Brainstorming

Before you start building your blog you need a niche.  That specific topic or passion you will promote.  If you don't know what you want as your niche idea then it's good to ...
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5 Blog Tips For Beginners I Wish I Had Known Before Starting A Blog

Yep.  There's truth in the statement "hindsight is better than foresight".  I never realize all the things I would learn when starting my blog. As a small business owner I wear a lot ...
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Create Your Small Business Logo Design Online Using “Logo Design Freeware”

A logo design that clearly represents your online "brand" is crucial. It is easy to buy logo designs online; there are dozens of sites and services available for a fee. Depending on what ...
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Fix The XML Sitemap Error- error on line 2 column 6

Unbeknownst to me, I had a broken sitemap XML file.  I was checking my Google Search Console for crawl errors related to a redirect I had set up when I discovered that my ...
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6 Best WordPress Backup Plugins That Make Backing Up WordPress Easy

Maybe like me, you don't think twice about backup and restore until there's an issue.  I've done a bit of testing with backups because I've actually had to restore my site.  Let's face ...
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wordpress fixes to common wordpress errors

WordPress Fixes – How to recover from these common WordPress problems

Ouch, your Wordpress site is giving you errors. While a bottle of aspirin might help your headache there are a few easy fixes to some common problems. Before you perform a restore of ...
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social media image size quick reference

Great Looking Featured Images Shared Across Social Media

When I first started building my blog I didn't think about what size my featured images should be or even consider making them the same size.  However, I discovered that creating a standard ...
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recommended wordpress plugins, best wordpress themes

WordPress Recommended Themes, Plugins And Services- My WordPress Cheatsheet

I've spent hours searching for, testing with demo and real sites, the plugin's, theme's and services listed here.  Call me a geek but in fact, I really enjoy testing and tinkering with Wordpress, ...
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Why Constant Contact Can Help You Grow Your Email List

Why Constant Contact Can Help You Grow Your Email List

Email service providers are essential to the success of your site.  They provide the means to reach out to and engage with your subscribers.  That's why picking the right email service provider to ...
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mailchimp versus convertkit- email service provider review

Mailchimp Alternatives – Convertkit To The Rescue

Picking your email service provider. When I first started blogging I did what hundreds of other bloggers out there do, I got myself a free Mailchimp account.  Once the list is gets big ...
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Seven Reasons ConvertKit Rocks

UPDATE:  While I loved ConvertKit when I used it, I've now moved to ActiveCampaign.  If you're interested in why check out my Article here (Why I Switched To ActiveCampaign) Unique content makes a ...
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Best Email Providers For Blogs

Website owners have different requirements for email based on several criteria.  Are you on a limited budget?  If the answer is yes, then finding an email service provider within your budget may be ...
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Ten Programs Crop Resize And Edit Your Website Graphic Images

Editing your graphics and images for your website is not rocket science; it only requires your time. If you haven't been doing this then here's your chance to make your website or blog ...
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Good Traits Your Hosting Provider Should Have

Before I got into having an online business I'd see ads during the Super Bowl for web hosting. I basically ignored them. Now after being online for several years I’ve learned that not ...
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Useful Photo Editing Resources

Haven't met anybody yet that says "Ah, I hate free".   Face it.  We love free.   We tell our friends and family about our free stuff. Its no different when building a ...
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5  Good Wordpress Theme Features You Need

5 Good WordPress Theme Features You Need

You've decided to build a Wordpress website or blog.  First things first.   Finding a good theme will make building your site a piece of cake.  Picking a theme is important because you ...
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Things To Think About When Building A Website Or Blog

I was chatting with a friend about my online business and explaining how I came to be in business when I was asked how I started.  The more I explained the more I ...
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successful blogs

5 Rules Of Thumb For Hugely Successful Blogs

So you're creating your blog.  Consider these 5 rules that hugely successful blogs employ; these are lessons I've learned while building my own blog and business. Things I learned while becoming my own ...
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Why I Started Designed Bliss

Why I Started Designed Bliss

Let me tell you why I started Designed Bliss.  After 20+ years in the corporate IT world, I decided to be my own boss. At first, I listened to all the online guru's out ...
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