Best Email Providers For Blogs

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best-email-service-provider-for-blogWebsite owners have different requirements for email based on several criteria.  Are you on a limited budget?  If the answer is yes, then finding an email service provider within your budget may be your top concern.  Do you need tech support to start building your email list?  That may mean finding a provider who is easy to contact whether it is online, by phone or by email.  Maybe you want polls or surveys to engage your readers.  Perhaps customized email and automation are key to your success.  If you don’t have an email service provider yet then it’s important to determine what the best email provider for your blog will do for you. Budget is always a factor but your requirements will be determined by the type of blog you have.  There are at minimum four styles of websites on the Internet today.

Product review or Affiliate Sites.

  • Websites for affiliate marketing focus on product reviews. These sites don’t generate nearly the same email traffic as say an e-commerce store selling physical product. Affiliate sites simply provide valuable information to prospective buyer about the item they are searching for. Many affiliate sites are a single landing page or two long. Maybe I’m way off target here, but product review sites generally don’t get huge volumes of email. My readers tend to search for specific product information and aren’t interested in subscribing. Such sites need basic email services without a lot of extra features. The result may be that the cheapest email provider is used.

E-commerce stores.

  • These sites can potentially generate a lot of emails. Many online e-com stores engage their subscribers and customers. Email engagement requires using polls, surveys, and shopping via product images. This means that the email provider have easily customized templates and forms. Embedding images is not to difficult, but not providers have poll and survey capabilities. Of course, there are ways to use polls and surveys outside the email provider so that may not be a complete show stopper. However, having an email provider that offers it makes using polls and forms convenient in emails.

User Forums

  • User forums generally do generate a lot of emails as subscribers share content, questions, and concerns about the topic of interest. Few require embedded images or other bells and whistles. However, some forums do automate broadcast notices for users within forum. And since user forums can get large, a good email provider that can handle the load and frequency of email is essential.

Blogging sites.

  • The sky is the limit with blogging. This last “major” category can cover one or combinations of the listings above. A good email provider for a large blog site will have all of the “bells and whistles” (a.k.a. services) potentially needed by the site.

What email providers do I like for these type of activities?  Check out my reviews of each provider.  Which one is the best email provider for your website?  It really depends on your needs and budget.

Best Email Providers For BlogsBest Email Providers For Blogs

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Best Email Providers For Blogs

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