Best Email Deliverability- Why I like Active Campaign

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active campaign versus convertkit

The Best Email Deliverability means those emails you spent time writing don’t go to the spam folder.  Instead, they actually get seen.

Because you can make all the pretty subscribe forms you want but if your email to your subscribers isn’t getting seen you have a problem.

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I was looking for an email service provider that was one of the top rated for best email deliverability, is a great email marketing platform and provided amazing customer support. I found that when I switched to Active Campaign.

Yes, this link is an affiliate link but I’m rather serious about sharing why I switched and why I’d bother to write about it. Because my blog is about ways to create visual content for web and social media so discussing my email provider might not fit in.

Essential Email Is Well …. Essential

No blog can grow without it. But for better or for worse, an email provider is an essential part of my blog because without an email provider I can’t engage with subscribers. And without available online support that I can get quick answers for issues with my email list I can’t make it do what I want it to or worse I’ll do something I didn’t want.

So I like jumping online asking a question, getting an answer and moving on. I really hate having to send an email, hope to hear back in a couple of hours or by the end of the day or maybe the next day only to have to send another email to explain that they didn’t understand me or I don’t understand them. That’s painfully slow in this online technical instantaneous world. It also drives me nuts, but that’s me.

And that’s why I left.

Active Campaign is set up differently. Their “campaigns” are the equivalent of Convertkit “broadcasts”. Their automation is completely visual and if/then statements with clickable links (think link triggers) are built in and part of the visual automation. They do have segments but they don’t have groups. It’s not quite the same but it works for me and Active Campaign’s online support is FREAKIN AWESOME. Did I mention I love their support team. Yeah. During day hours I can reach them and get a real human answer, not a chatbot and not a “send us email” automation. For me, that’s critical because email is not my forte. I’m a technical creative person, not an email marketer. That support helps me but not everyone needs that.

Plus, they helped me migrate and provide their onboarding service (3/4 – 30-minute phone sessions with a real human being on the other end.

I will say ActiveCampaign’s form builder is not even close to Convertkit’s in terms of ease; it requires a lot of understanding of CSS if you want pretty. However, if a couple of forms get migrated to AC that’s enough to figure out what to do at a minimum. Plus, I actually use the form builder with Elementor so I only need a couple of placeholder forms in Active Campaign. I may offer form templates for those who need them but don’t want to mess with CSS. That may be down the road a bit unless I get requests from my subscribers.

Still, I’m happy with how it turned out and ready to move forward. Boo-yah.

Are you happy with your email provider? If not, I’d say kick the tires on ActiveCampaign because they do offer a free trial.

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Best Email Deliverability- Why I like Active Campaign

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