Removing a background shouldn't give you heartburn.

Learn to remove backgrounds for free so you can re-purpose your content with any editor.

Plus, this MINI- COURSE is FREE so what have you got to lose?


I remove backgrounds all the time, mostly to re-purpose free images, icons, and graphics into what I need.

And I don’t spend a dime. Not a penny. Nada.

I’ll show you how to use Pixlr to remove your backgrounds.   

Yep I could use Inkscape, GIMP, Pixelmator etc but Pixlr is simple, fast, free, doesn’t require any install or login.

You just use it, save your work and you’re done.

See 5 ways to make a background transparent.  These techniques will remove a background from an image online for free. 

You can remove a white, colored or even complex background if you want.  

Now you can make backgrounds transparent for free then create, add or merge photos and graphics just as you want.

Remove backgrounds to create cool blog graphics, social media posts, printed media, or product pages, with images or graphics.

Think of all the images and icons you could repurpose for you content marketing, social media and DIY projects.

Blog Graphics





Take those free images....

Remove the background and create the perfect image, graphic, social media post, landing sales page or whatever you need.

Online sites that do it “automatically” don’t always produce professional-looking results.

The MINI-COURSE is FREE, but you’ve got to sign up to learn how.

What You GET

Easy To Understand, Easy To Follow Instruction

5 Module Mini-Course Covering How To Remove Backgrounds For The Most Typical Needs

Video Demo’s Of Each Technique

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Frequently asked questions

It’s a 5 Module course with brief lessons and video demo’s showing how to remove backgrounds in 5 scenarios that most folks are looking to remove a background.  

  • Removing a solid white or solid color background
  • Removing a background where part of the remaining object has the same color.
  • Removing a background that is a mix/tint of white or color tones.
  • Removing a background by selecting the object to be retained.
  • Removing a complex background using the combination of techniques.


No.  The online tool is Pixlr Editor and its free.  It doesn’t even require a login; you just use it.  I show you how to remove backgrounds and retain the portion of the image you want.

The course shouldn’t take you more than 45 minutes and you’ll be able to remove backgrounds immediately once you’ve seen the technique demostrated.

Why This Course Will Help You:

See this cool help button but it’s got a white background that looks funny on a colored area.  (I re-did it below.  Much better!)

When I find graphics like this that I wanted to use I simply remove the background.

It’s a handy technique to know and one I use ALL THE TIME.  

You can do this too! For free whenever you need it.

While Pixlr Editor isn’t my main editing tool, this free tool is perfect for background removal.

It’s simple, straightforward and super fast to use. (Plus the results are better than any so-called online “automatic” background removal site I’ve found!)

Take the mini-course, remove backgrounds whenever you need it, and create the perfect content you need.

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