The Easiest Way To Remove Backgrounds You'll Ever Use!

Removing a background shouldn't give you heartburn....

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    Removing backgrounds from logos, images and graphics is essential  to creating online content. If you can't do it easily you're at a dis-advantage.
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    There can be a the steep learning curve with complicated editors that remove your background but who has time for that?
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    Hey, frankly making backgrounds transparent for free is so important for so many reasons there are a lot of folks looking for how to remove backgrounds in the simplest, fastest most effective way possible.

Make Background Transparent Easily

Remove Backgrounds Easily.

There are daily searches by others just like you for ways to easily remove backgrounds, or on how to use software to remove backgrounds or on what online automated tools can remove backgrounds.  Because everyone online at some point needs to do this. You may need it more often than you realize.

Some of those online "automatic" background removal tools don't do a good enough job; the results vary. 

You could hire someone like me but then you're still paying for it.

Or  you could do it for free.  Whenever you need it.  Quickly. Online.  No installs or updates.

I vote for the last option.  I think most would agree with me.  

Some tasks need to be quick and efficient.

Easily remove that darn background.  

It's in the way and it's gotta go!

I remove backgrounds mostly to re-purpose free images, icons, and graphics.  I use images with removed backgrounds and blend them into new content reflecting my brand.  You can do that too if you want.

Guess what. I don’t spend a dime doing it. Not a penny. Nada.  And I do it in a jiffy.

Hey, making backgrounds transparent for free is essential. While there are lots of complicated editors out there that could do this, you've got to learn them and that takes time. Most folks don't want to learn a complicated editor for this one simple task.  Sometimes the "keep it simple" approach is best.  

Quick, simple background removal.

It's got to produce good results.  That can be a problem with those "automated" online background removal sites.  They may be simple but frankly, the results might suck.

When removing backgrounds or making them transparent I want the easiest most effective tool.

Because as a solo-entreprenuer my time is precious and already stretched thin by other daily tasks. So wasting time trying to use an online site that does a hack job or a more complicated editor that works but takes twice as long is not worth it.

It's simply a background that's in the way and removing it shouldn't slow me or anyone down from doing what really needs to be done.

LEARN how to make your 

backgrounds transparent for free.

 Skip the online "automated" services that charge.

Do it online easily whenever you need it.

Do it without complicated software.

Get the 4 easiest ways to remove a background.

It doesn't require hours to figure out or software to install...

It's something I use all the time.  I see so many online sites pushing expensive services or software that either doesn't work or isn't required for this essential task.  This is so basic a requirement that sharing a simple solution is a no-brainer.

Get The 5 Lesson Mini-Series: 

Background Removal With PixlrX

You might be familiar with the old Pixlr Editor; it was one of the first online photo editing tools available.   Unfortunately, the old Pixlr Editor uses Flash and Flash is soon going away but that's absolutely no problem....

PixlrX has replaced Pixlr Editor and is an upgraded powerful but still simple and FREE online tool.

Still using PixlrX for the first time it takes a bit of time.  With my 5 lesson FREE mini-series, in less than 45 minutes you'll be using PixlrX like a pro to remove your backgrounds for free.

Just 5 FREE lessons.  It works. It's simple, and it doesn't cost a thing.  Remove white or colored backgrounds even if a portion of the background bleeds into the image.  Remove shaded or multi-colored backgrounds or save an image out of a background.  With these 4 techniques you'll remove even a complicated background if you want.  

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    Learn The Techniques: See the step by step techniques.
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    Save Time: Get up to speed in about 45 minutes.
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    Watch the Video and follow along: Follow the demo and remove your own backgrounds while you learn.

Why offer it FREE? 

I'm offering it free because removing a background is one of the first things I ever learned to do when I started my online blog.  It's so essential that I wouldn't feel right about charging for it.  Now if you wanted me to do it for you then I would charge for services but teaching you these 4 techniques is a piece of cake.


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    5 Module Mini-Series.
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    Easy to understand and follow.
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    Most searched for background removal techniques.
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    Learn in about an hour.

Curious about how I re-colored this with my brand colors. Subscribe to Designed Bliss; you'll learn how to easily edit what you need.

Martha Flick


About Me

Hey, I'm Martha.  I'm a solo-entrepreneur with 20 years of IT experience. This techie-geek is a self-taught content creator & blogger I'd love to help you edit & create what you need without becoming a graphics designer or purchasing complicated fancy software. Let's get started!

Learn on your schedule.

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    Written and Video instruction
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    Step by Step guide.
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    Easy to follow techniques
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    Available online access at your convience.
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    Replay lessons as offer as you need it.
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    ​Learn at your pace.

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P.S.  You can search for how to use PixlrX to remove backgrounds or tinker with it but wouldn't it be easier just to see how it's done now and just follow along?

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