Removing a background from an image shouldn’t give you heartburn.


I remove backgrounds all the time, mostly to re-purpose free images, icons and graphics into new unique content. With this background eraser tool thats online (and free by the way) I’m about to show you 5 ways to easily make a background transparent. Yes, you can remove a background from an image online for free. It’s easy to do once you’ve seen how.

Remove a white background or colored background from an image in seconds using free online tool called Pixlr Editor. I even show how to remove a complex background image too.

Once you know how to remove a background you can create, add or merge photos (like I did above), graphics or anything into new unique images. Whether your creating blog graphics, social media posts, printed media, or product pages, knowing how to remove a background is essential .

(Hint: the picture is actually 5 pictures combined!) So frankly, that background is in the way and it’s gotta go!

If you need an image without a background than this short mini course is for you.

It’s straightforward, you just have to take the course.

What YOu'll Learn

Remove Backgrounds...

Remove white or color backgrounds from images

Remove white or color backgrounds when the object contains the same color

Remove non-uniform white or shaded color backgrounds

Remove complex backgrounds

Written & Video Lessons

See demo's for each method

Follow the written step by step process and do it.

The course uses Pixlr Editor & free Pixabay images.

Learn in less than 30 minutes how to remove backgrounds.

See and Do It

Watch and than do the exercise.

You'll use these handy techniques over and over.

Once you see them you can use them to modify:
& more.

Put it all together and use these techniques to make new content FROM your current images & Graphics.

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