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5-minute-logo-inkscape-iThere are many ways to create your logo but most of them entail spending your hard earned money. Here’s a simple way to make a great looking logo without a lot of fuss. Plus, the logo you make using this technique is re-sizable and can be saved in several formats.

Let’s take less than 5 minutes to cover how to make a 5 minute logo using Inkscape.  There’s literally hundreds of different techniques available in Inkscape to create your logo and make it look awesome, but I’m going to show a really quick way to make a very attractive logo without much effort. If you don’t have Inkscape go get a free copy of it for your operating system.

NOTE: Since I use Mac, I’ve covered how easy it is to install Inkscape on Mac OS High Sierra, but it’s just as straightforward on Windows.

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Once you have Inkscape installed you may find it useful to set the display like I do prior to creating your logo. I generally set Inkscape “Document Properties” to display in pixels rather than inches. I also make sure to choose a transparent background so that when I use my logo it will look good and overlay on anywhere I use it (ie, website header, social media, digitial product or even printed business cards). Because I’m using Inkscape to make this I can easily re-size it to whatever size I need without losing clarity or creating any distortion.

So set the properties and then start adding text for the logo using the Text tool in the right hand menu or just use the F8 shortcut.


Here are my doc’s properties


After Inkscape is open, select the font you want to make the logo with.  For this demo, I’m using Abril Fatface which is a free Google font.  By default, Inkscape can use any locally installed fonts in addition to the ones that come with the install.  If you don’t know how to add new fonts, check out my upcoming article “Adding custom fonts for use with Inkscape”.

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Next select the text tool in the right hand menu. I’ll add my text for my logo using the font I’ve selected. There are a ton of text effects I could play with but to keep it simple I’m just going to use a couple of Inkscape default filters.

To make the effect I’m using two shades of blue on either side of true blue which is #0000ff.  The shades are:  #8080ff and #0000aa. Using different shades in a monochrome color scheme (ie shades of blue, yellow, red, green, purple etc) work well with this set of filters.

I start with text about 64 pixel in size and resize dragging the corner handles until I get the aspect ratio I like.

I change the text color by selecting it and then using the color palette at the bottom of the window or I can just type in the hex color code into the fill color box as shown.

Notice I’m using the light color for the text color to 8080ff (light, almost purplish blue).

Next I’ll add the text effect using a simple filter. Click on Filters, Textures > Cutout Glow.  This turns part of the Text black because that is the default color setting of the filter but I’ll change that by opening the filter editor.


First I want to add a bit of extra padding around the text so the effect is not accidently cropped off. I can do that in the filter editor under Filter General Settings > Coordinates and Dimensions. I’ll change the defaults from -0.10 to -0.25 for above the text and 1.20 to 1.50 for below the text.

Then I click on “Flood” in the menu directly above the Filter General Settings while selecting the Effect Parameters to the right. That will show the default color of black. If I click on the color a popup color box will let me change it to the dark blue #0000aa.


The last item is to change the “Blend” effect. Using the small scroll bar to the right of “Flood” lets me scroll and then select “Blend”. That changes the options below it. Now I see under Filter General Settings a drop down menu with the different effects. Not all of them will change much with the Cutout Glow effect I’m using but you can play with the effects and see the differences.

Here’s my final logo; I’ll save the file in Inkscape’s default SVG format for future use and then export just the selected area to a png file.

Took me about 2 minutes to make this. Pretty easy.


Want to make a logo that’s pretty cool and takes less than 5 minutes to create?

Here’s 24 more ways to make logo’s using Inkscape Filters:

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