Free Canva Template – 7 Reasons Templates Are Useful

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Using Canva Free Templates
Using Canva Free Templates

There’s no doubt about how useful Canva is. Many Canva articles describe how to use Canva for Social Media or logos.  But before you skip this article, there’s a lot more to Canva than just great social media graphics.  Yes, you can easily make beautiful graphics with Canva for your blog and social media posts.  However there’s a lot of other free graphic design templates that are available with Canva.   It works for other graphic design projects like print on demand, digital scrapbooking, printed media and projects.  So let’s cover free Canva templates you might find useful whether your a blogger, small business or DIY crafter.

Here Why To Use A Canva Template

The wide offering of Canva templates makes it much easier to create a professional looking design for any project without having to a graphic design background.  With so many free design templates in Canva it’s hard to choose which ones are the most popular. Templates are the holy grail for the non-designer using Canva.  (and they work pretty well for the professional too!)

Free Canva Template – 7 Reasons Templates Are Useful

Reason 1 – Canva Templates Show Different Layouts and Spacing

That’s because templates are not only a great starting point for the design; they help properly lay out the design elements in a visually appealing way without a lot of testing.  Many times when starting from skratch elements get moved, resized and maybe even color modified to get a good looking layout.  That takes a bit of time, patience and practice, but with a Canva template the basic layout is there.  And the layout is set up in a visually appealing way:  not to cluttered and not too busy.

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Reason 2 – Canva Displays Templates With Matching Fonts

Another reason Canva templates look so good is that the templates already have complementary font combinations in place.  Ever seen a sign you can’t read because of the font.  Or one that is hard to read the entire message because the font combinations don’t fit together well?  Canva templates have tried and true complementary fonts;  these font combos work together making the final graphic or photo much more appealing and easier to read.

Starting with a template can not only make the design very professional looking it can speed up the creation process by laying out the basics of “what goes where”.   That is, by using a template to follow, the resulting graphic is just a matter of putting in content and text into the proper areas of the template without worrying about how to size or what elements to put together.

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Free Canva Template – 7 Reasons Templates Are Useful

Reason -3 Canva is like Pre-made cookie dough. Professionally styled designs created for anyone to immediately use.

It’s kind of like making chocolate chip cookies from quality refrigerated pre-cookie dough rather then completely from scratch.  Using the premade cookie dough requires measuring out the cookie dough and baking it before serving.   Starting from scratch works just as well but you have to measure out all the ingredients, mix in addition to baking.  In both cases, the cookies are the delicious end result.   It’s just that in the first case, you have help, shorten the amount of time and still end up with great cookies.

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Canva templates are like that top quality pre-made cookie dough;  the final design is professional and you didn’t have to completely start from scratch. So let’s take a look at 5 Canva design ideas you might find useful in your projects using Canva template to speed up the design creation process.

Here Are 7 Canva Template Options That Are Very Handy

Option #1 – Canva Template – Logo Design Template

If you need a logo for anything: your blog, website, business cards, posters, letterhead then you should take a quick and thorough look at Canva’s wide variety of logo design templates.  This is probably one of the most popular template choices because both online digital businesses and physical stores all need a logo. Now I show you how easy it is to make an amazing logo in my article “” but with pre-styled logo templates offered by Canva you have lots of choices.  Simply select the style of template you like, modify the colors, add in your business name or even add additional graphics and wa-lla you have a beautiful logo. You can even resize it easily as needed with Canva.

Free Canva Template – 7 Reasons Templates Are Useful

Option #2 – Canva Template – Infographic Template Present Complex Data Simply

One popular method to engage your audience is through infographics.   Beautiful graphics with  incorporating a chart or diagram represents a visual image containing important information or data.   The old method was to use Powerpoint and embed it into a website.  Not so pretty and not so easy for just anyone to do.  But start with a Canva infographic template, add in the data details.

The beauty of the template is that the basic layout is already created;  you need only put in the changes that make it uniquely yours. It’s easy to modify each field to add or change text or images. Modify with the colors and fonts you normally use to make it fit with all of your other graphics.

Since infographics have become so very popular, your final design will fit right in.

Option #3 Canva Template – Business Cards Templates Already Styled

If you’ve got a business you want or need business cards.  With Canva, you’ve already made your logo so it only takes a few clicks to create your business cards with it.  And there’s a couple of super easy ways to do that.  One way I use for many designs is to create the initial one (in this case the logo) then download it in a size bigger than I need.  That keeps the resolution and clarity of the logo.  I upload it back into Canva and place on the business card background I like.  Of course it’s easy to modify all the colors according to your needs.  In less than 5  minutes you have beautiful professional looking business card design.  You can print it yourself or send the file to a professional to be printed for you.

Option #4 Canva Template – Pre-designed Template Flyers That Look Like You Paid A Fortune

Have an event and need a flyer to hand out.  Canva makes creating flyers super easy.  Pick a template, modify the text, even add your business logo or other image.  In minutes you have a professional flyer your mother would be proud of.

Option #5 Canva Template – Proposals or Reports Covers

Need a title page for a proposal or report?  I put both Canva’s Proposal and Report templates as one option because they are similar in purpose and both can provide a great starting point for an eye catching design.

Option #6 Canva Templates | Perfect Worksheets, Cheatsheets and Freebies?

Have a blog and need to create a freebie?  Consider creating your free worksheet, cheatsheet or free giveway using one of Canva’s good looking worksheet templates.  Sure, you could use Word but then adding in the tables, lists and images will take a lot longer then what you can do in Canva.  Plus, changing colors, fonts and adding in your own business information is a snap. Add in your business logo as a watermark and then when you download, the saved template is a PDF which you can protect from modification.

Option #7 Canva Template | Awesome Photo Collages (Portfolios)

Who doesn’t like a great looking collage?  Whether for a personal or professional project, using a Canva collage template is so easy it almost seems ridiculous to mention.  Pick the collage, upload your photos.  Drag n drop them where you want. Change the colors as you need and wow, you’re done.  If your collage is for a portfolio, Canva‘s choice of collage templates can be easily used as a beautiful portfolio design template with the addition of text or a logo to make it unique.  The uses for collages are endless and Canva makes creating collages painless.

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Free Canva TemplatesFree Canva Templates

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