4 Ideas For Using Canva To Create Traffic Generating Pinterest Backgrounds

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Creating backgrounds for social media channels is easier than most folks realize. I’ve been successfully creating unique Pinterest backgrounds that get attention and drive traffic to my site for some time now. A good Pinterest background can also be used with a few modifications for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other platforms. There are 2 reasons that using unique branded backgrounds, images, icons, etc is better for SEO and Social media. First, using unique content that fits your website looks professional and creates recognition. Second, using brand colours in or with unique content makes it appear as if that content was created solely for your site even if the image or graphic you started with was a free resource that you edited. So a Pinterest background that looks unique, interesting and fits in with a catchy Headline will make for a Pinterest pin that gets more views. Here are 4 ideas for creating unique Pinterest backgrounds for your Pinterest Pins using Canva. I’m going to demo how to make the Pinterest background by actually creating the pin using each idea.

1. Minimalistic Pinterest Background With Canva

I create these backgrounds all the time using a combination of free Canva elements, elements uploaded that I’ve found from my list of free resources, elements that I create either in Canva, Inkscape or GIMP. To show how easy this is to do I’ll create a simple minimalistic Pinterest background using Canva for this article. Of course, I’ll use my brand colors and fonts that I’ve already configured in Canva to speed up the creation process. I need 3 items to make this: a) my headline and subtitle, b) simplistic icon or graphic that fits the title, and c) brand colors & fonts.

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Pinterest rich pins are an aspect ratio of 2:3. I use to use the 735 x 1102 size pins but have switched to 600 x 900 pixels because they fit nicely at 50% on WordPress blog as 300 x 450 pixels and are still readable on smartphones.

Canvaninja Imgs1

Here are the steps.

a. I create the custom size as 600 x 900 pixels. Now my background can be a solid brand color or a gradient using two brand colors. I’ve chosen a simple gradient using one of my brand colors. This minimalistic Pinterest background depends on a matching graphics and optimized headline.

4 Ideas For Using Canva To Create Traffic Generating Pinterest Backgrounds

b. Add in the background with a brand color either at 100 opaque or if I need it lighter I’ll go to about 65 or 35 % transparent. Since I’m using a gradient in Canva for this example I leave it at 100%.

c. Add in a simple graphic that relates. Here I created a Pinterest pin from a couple of Pinterest images and distorted it to add depth, added a shadow using Inkscape, and then converted it to a png file for Canva. If you’d like to know how to how to take free SVG vectors and convert them to PNG then check out this article. If you’d like to get my 57+ list of free resources (image & vector sites) you can find it here with my other resource freebies.

d. I place my headline and add in my logo at the bottom as a “watermark” .

e. Finally, I save the file as a jpg because I want all my Social media images including Pinterest pins under 500K in file size for performance reasons. Here is the resulting Pinterest background and pin I created with Canva.

Minimalist Pinteret Background with Canva

2. Image Pinterest Backgrounds Using Brand Colors in A Canva Brand Kit

Ok so in example 1, I created a background using only 1 brand color. Now I’ll create a second Pinterest background using a free image from my 57+ image and vector sites list and then using my brand colors and fonts from my Canva Brandkit. If you’d like to know more cool techniques with Canva just check out my Canva Ninja Quickstart course. In a couple of hours, you be using Canva to make beautiful social media content, PDFs, presentations and more.

This is very easy to do.

a. Create the custom Pinterest size 600 x 900 in Canva.

b. Upload a free image (I’m using paper clip image). In Canva on the left menu there is a button with “upload image”. Click that and select an image to upload, then drag the image or double click it to place into to the workspace.

c. Modify the image by adding a semi-transparent (66%) overlay; I use my blue brand color overlay to add dimension. The second image of the pin is on top of the first image, creating an image collage that is unique.

d. The semi-transparent overlay makes the headline text stand out better.

e. At the bottom, I add in small logo watermark and save the resulting Pinterest background as a Pinterest pin in JPG format. Here is the result.

Pinterest Backgrounds Canva

3. Call To Action Pinterest Backgrounds Created With Canva

a. Create the call to action image or add a button. In this example, I create the “window sale” image with 2 squares (1 big blue, 1 smaller white inside the blue square), 2 blue lines crossed inside the squares, 4 tag shapes (5 sided element) with the letters S,A,L,E in each respectively, 4 vertical lines attaching the tag shapes to the top of the white square, and 1 ribbon with the words “Buy Now, Limited offer”. I used my brand colors for the image

b. Add the Headline title around the call to action image or button.

c. Add in the logo watermark at the bottom and save the result with the call to action Pinterest background. Here is the result.

Pinterest Cta Background

4. Infographic Pinterest Backgrounds Using Canva Infographic Templates

a. Pick a stunning infographic template from Canva’s wide selection and modify the colors and text to the colors and fonts in your Canva brand kit. (Don’t have one? Check out my course “Canva Ninja Quickstart” and make your own, upload your fonts and create your logo watermark). This time I’ll start with a nice Canva Infographic template but I’m going to resize to a Pinterest pin with the Resize & Copy to make it to the 600 x 900 pixel custom size.

I’ll chose the “Green Illustration Butterfly Timeline Infographic”, resize and change the green color to brand kit blue. Now here’s the trick. I’m not going to use the original icons in the infographic. I’ll delete those and select new Canva elements that work for the purpose I need. I could also get free elements/icons/graphics using my 57+ list of image and vector sites and upload the ones I want to use/.

Here is the starting infographic template .

Green Illustration Butterfly Timeline Infographic

Here is the resulting Pinterest background as a Pinterest pin.

Pinterst Background Info1

b. Next, I’ll change the colors to my brand colors and modify the font. Then I’ll add the wording I want.

c. Done. Piece of cake and I’ll download as a JPG Pinterest pin.

Any of these ideas are easy to implement and create really eye-catching Pinterest backgrounds that turn into interesting Pinterest pins. If you’d like more cool and clever ways to take free and make unique or even start from scratch using simple techniques, just subscribe for more.

4 Ideas For Using Canva To Create Traffic Generating Pinterest Backgrounds

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