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background removal tutorial for non-designers

I removed backgrounds from images and icons all the time. It’s part of creating, editing and merging images, icons and text into visual content that I use. While there are quite a few sites that provide an “automatic” service I find the end results are like hitting a pinata. Sometimes you miss and sometimes you hit a home run. That’s why I love these 3 free tools to remove image backgrounds thus, making the background transparent.

PixlrX – The Best Background Removal Online Tool

GIMP – How To Remove Backgrounds Using GIMP

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Inkscape -How to remove a white background from a logo or image with Inkscape

And in several articles, plus my free 3 lesson mini-series I show just how useful these 3 free background removal tools really are. Just click the article to see how they work. Because removing backgrounds from images or even logos with these tools really works.

But if I had a favorite tool to recommend to a friend who wasn’t a graphic designer, didn’t want to install any software but still needed to make an image background transparent or had a logo that needed the background removed from it, I’d recommend using PixlrX.

It’s simply the best background removal tool online for non-designers. I make, edit and merge a lot of graphics, images and icons and I like using PixlrX because of its simple and intuitive interface.

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I even created a 5 lesson mini-series that takes less than 45 minutes to follow. While GIMP is a fantastic tool it’s more complex and Inkscape is really best for removing backgrounds from vector graphics.

So removing backgrounds from images for the average Joe needs to be straightforward and that’s what PixlrX is. There are certain situations where I use GIMP and Inkscape, especially if I’ve already working in the interface for another reason. However, for basic background removal of an image, PixlrX is the first tool I’d choose.

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background removal tutorials for non-designers
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