3 Customizable WordPress Themes – Easy WP Web Design For Beginners

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customizable wordpress themesBecause starting a blog should be fun.

Starting a blog and building your website requires new skills.  Many bloggers don’t have a web developer or programmer background and most have no desire to become one.  They just want a great site and easy WP web design that they can manage while promoting their niche.

3 Customizable Wordpress Themes - Easy WP Web Design For Beginners3 Customizable Wordpress Themes - Easy WP Web Design For Beginners

Choosing a theme that has versatility, support and a flexible design makes blogging a lot easier.  This article covers 3 customizable WordPress themes I use.   I chose these 3 because each has it’s own strengths and not everyone wants to use the same theme.  Plus they are the best I found to date.  These easy to manage WP themes offers both beginners and experts several great choices.

Because finding an easy to use theme makes building you blog and managing you website design much much easier.

Picking A User Friendly WordPress Theme

If you’re starting a WordPress blog, then you’re looking for a WordPress theme that just works.  Odds are, you want a WP theme that is straightforward to understand and super versatile.With all the possible WP themes available, competition amongst WP developers is pretty fierce.  There’s a lot to choose from but not all themes are as easy to manage as advertised.

The complexity of what themes can do today is far greater then it use to be.That’s a double edged sword. Versatility is great until complexity results in hours of effort making your site function.Themes that are hard to use, have conflicts or difficult customizations aren’t worth the your time.   Hiring a developer might address those challenges,but result in a dependency for future help.

Best advice? Start with a versatile but easy to understand theme.  As mentioned, here are 3 customizable WordPress themes that I personally have used and like.These WordPress themes are widely used, supported and perform well.They are listed in no order of preference.

Studiopress Genesis Framework

Studiopress has been around a while.Their Genesis theme is built on their “framework.   Any developer of a Genesis theme has to follow the framework requirements.

One aspect of “Wordpress frameworks” are the ability of the theme to act as a “parent” in combination with a child theme.  The child theme contains all customization.Using a framework with a parent-child combo protects the customization details from overwriting or loss during updates of the parent theme.

The number of Genesis “child” themes is quite extensive;  the number of themes provides a lot of options and different styles.The Genesis framework is not free ($59) but the choice of a child theme can be free or paid.

I’ve used both free and paid Genesis child themes.  My preference is using paid themes because any potential issue will get resolved faster with paid support. Using Genesis as your WordPress theme requires purchasing the Genesis Framework and then selecting (and purchasing in some cases) the child theme.While this cost may discourage some, the theme is worth every penny spent.

My favorite Genesis themes are

Studiopress provides lots of tutorials and documentation for their themes.Support is responsive.  There are a significant number of plugins specifically written for Genesis themes and websites.Studiopress claims over 200,000 websites built with their themes.That’s powerful testimony to the versatility of Genesis. One potentially con, beyond the purchase costs, of using a Studiopress theme is the possible need for basic css customization.  Some Genesis themes require CSS modifications for minimal color or font changes.  Of course, this requirement is dependent on the child theme selected.The alternative option is to purchase an annual subscription to a 3rd party drag n drop CSS builder called “Design Palette Pro”. Using the Design Palette Pro eliminates the need of manually modifying CSS for Genesis child themes.

GeneratePress Premium

This theme offers both a free and paid version.  The paid version is very reasonably priced compared to many available themes, and I like the easy way that the paid version allows for customization of typical stuff like font size, style, colors, navigation and sidebar configuration.  Like Studiopress, GeneratePress supports both parent and child theme configuration. GeneratePress documentation and how to videos are also quite helpful;  Support is  and very responsive support is provided thru a user forum.

GeneratePress websites are optimized, built as lightweight themes.  Thus it remains speedy once configured.The versatility of changing the way the final site looks is highly customizable with the affordably priced GP premium version.The paid version is super easy to use.No additional drag n drop builder is required because GeneratePress is amazingly flexible through the use it’s own built-in “customizable options”. It integrates a couple of really nice features (like individual per page banner, backgrounds and overlays) into pages and posts not normally available in some themes.Changing color, font size and type with GeneratePress is the easiest I’ve used.

Admittedly, the free version is more limited; the features mentioned here are available in the paid (a reasonable $39 annual fee with reasonable discount renewals).So, for the price, flexibility and support alone, GeneratePress is a solid candidate as choice amongst the many WordPress themes available.

One con may be that some plugin buttons are not always viewable in the WordPress page editor when using GeneratePress sections.However, the plugin short codes are still quite useable within the page sections.So getting the button to show requires additional configuration.This slight inconvenience is overcome by documentation and support. Since there’s literally an estimated 29,000 WordPress plugins out there this inconvenience is not a huge issue.

CyberChimps Responsive Theme

CyberChimp’s Responsive theme is available in both free and paid ($47 annual) versions.By far, this theme is easiest to learn and setup for even the most non-techie; so if you want a totally hands off approach this theme might be right for you.  Like the other themes mentioned it too supports parent-child theme configuration.

The Responsive theme comes with a pre-set home page layout that is easily configured and contains some nice sections for advertising services and promotions.It provides both banner and slider featuresand various page/post layouts.Support is available for both free and paid versions although response time on paid is obviously a little quicker.The theme can set up quickly and is mobile responsive without any real effort.

Any small business or blogger just starting out can easily configure this theme and be online in no time at all.Cyberchimps Responsive is easy to use and when configured, has fast page loading response times.

On the con side, the Responsive theme doesn’t have quite the following like Studiopress’s Genesis theme or very flexible versatility of a GeneratePress theme, but Responsive is a rock solid, affordable and easy to use theme.

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3 Customizable Wordpress Themes - Easy WP Web Design For Beginners

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