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Get creative design resources and tips for making the best content with popular editing software and tools.

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Stand out in the crowd with great content.

Make Beautiful Images That Stand Out

IMAGES  To  attract your audience.

Great content like great food isn't only 1 image or 1 ingredient.

It's consistent branded content that is recognizable and brings them back for more.

Get the easy ways to create, edit, brand and merge into great content for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or just your website.

Create what you need when you need it.

Easily. Afforably. Effortlessly.

Get simple, free, easy ways to create, edit & merge.

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Use clever ways to brand your images & graphics.   

Caz' you don't need fancy expensive software that takes forever to figure out.

And you don't need twenty years of experience.

Design, Create, Edit Like A Pro.

Make branded content that gets remembered, engages and attracts your audience.  

Edit images, icons, animated GIFs for free without hassle.

Use free editors and techniques to create like a pro.

Learn the shortcuts. Do it the easy way.

Get great design tutorials for beautiful branded content.

(My equivalent creative design ideas instead of Adobe's suite of tools.

Learn why here.)

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Edit and design what you need. Tutorials on tools and techniques

Get useful resources and helpful ideas. 


Edit with free resources or create from scratch. Design what you need using the practical tutorials, tips, step by step guides and ideas.

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    Editing tutorials to brand your graphics.
  • Tips for useful DIY techniques to edit web friendly images for web, blog, social media or print.
  • Resources for DIY creative design without hassle.
  • Practical tutorials on free editors like Canva, GIMP and Inkscape that you can actually use.
  • Help with Social Media graphics to promote your site or services.

Get Help Creating Social Media Content

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DIY Graphic Design Tutorials and Tips


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Wondering who the heck this tech-geek fix-it solo-entrepreneur is?



Self-taught graphics designer and Wordpress blogger trained by the school of hard knocks (bet you've been there too!). I've built at least a dozen websites for various purposes (affiliate marketing, print-on-demand, shopify, and Etsy) to name a few. Been around the block a few times so to speak.


20 years of Information Technology work in web hosting environments turned solo-entrepreneur blogger and owner of Designed Bliss.

Fix-it Gal

When i use to work in the corporate world, it was "let's give it to Martha" and she'll get it done. Now the buck always stops here. I just do it.

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